Our clients drive innovation and shape the future of healthcare. We created Atlas Primary to serve the unmet needs of our clients, who require intelligently designed, outside the box solutions to complex fielding requirements.

The Atlas Primary team has a long and successful track record of exceeding expectations when it comes to data quality, global reach, and customer service. Whether it’s quantitative or qualitative research, we are able to get you the best possible outcomes to your primary data collection needs.


We are true to each other, our healthcare community, our partners, and our clients. Success to us is measured by the quality of our relationships and the value we create towards improvements in healthcare.


We solve tough problems for our clients. Without the collective insight from a diverse group of experienced professionals, we would not be successful in our goal of delivering effective solutions.


Some people may think of us as just a company… but we call ourselves family. Our success depends on a community of people working together to serve our clients with the same devotion and care that we share for each other.

Continual Improvement

Major decisions are made with the data we collect. We constantly explore new ways to improve our processes, create efficiencies, and offer innovative solutions that ensure we deliver the best quality data available to inform our clients’ most important decisions.